Thanks to this smoothie, we will enrich our day with proteins, and especially vitamin C.

It will help improve the immune system, since in addition to prebiotics and Zinc, we are enriching it with other nutrients, ideal for a complete breakfast.

For this we recommend preparing a juice with:

  • An orange
  • A blood orange
  • Half grapefruit
  • Two scoops of Unique Pink Collagen.

From UNIQUE, we recommend that it be made as carefully as possible, without losing the fiber of the ingredients, and dissolve the two scoops of this juice.

We can add a teaspoon of Manuka honey, which will act as a digestive and immune system protector.

As an alternative in summer, which is not usually found sanguina orange, we recommend replacing it with a carrot juice, as this increases the carotene content, improves skin tone and stimulates natural protection against the sun.