UNIQUE Green Collagen already contains probiotics, so it will help to improve the bacterial flora, likewise, this smoothie will be reinforced with more probiotics and insoluble fibers to further improve the digestive system and intestinal transit and the flat stomach effect.

In a shaker:

  1. Put two scoops of unique Green collagen
  2. Add 200 ml of kefir or liquid yogurt (to give us more probiotics)
  3. Add half a pear (with high fiber content)
  4. As an alternative, add a slice of natural pineapple, which will increase the diuretic and digestive effect
  5. Add some grated ginger (fresh or powdered)

Beat everything until it becomes a homogeneous mixture, refresh with two or three ice cubes and remove them before drinking.

This shake, apart from being very satiating, will be a diuretic, regulator of intestinal transit and will help to recover the digestive flora.