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A little more about Unique ...

Years of experience in the field of health and the study of cosmetics and beauty have led Meritxell Martí to create her own line of skin care products under the name 'Unique'.

Her professional career, which began in 1990 with the opening of Farmàcia Meritxell in Andorra la Vella, has always been closely linked to the beauty and anti-ageing sector, and her products are shipped all over the world.

The creation of Unique is the result of research into the highest quality and most effective treatments related to the world of health and beauty. An idea that in 1996 led to the importation of the first melatonin products and the creation of her own company, which has gained widespread recognition both in Andorra and abroad.

A brand with a master formula

Based on the combination of different ingredients rich in anti-aging properties, it is a new development in the beauty and skin cosmetics industry.

Her passion for the pharmaceutical profession led Meritxell Martí to become one of the most followed health bloggers in Spanish-speaking countries today, thanks to "El Blog de Meritxell". With the knowledge and recommendations shared on her blog, in 2016 Meritxell published her first book, called "Vivir sano, sentirse bien (Live Healthy, Feel Good)". Beyond including some of the topics featured in the blog, it offers a guide to the traditional supplements and cosmetic care that best meet the needs of every individual.

Meritxell Martí's career is a reflection of her own philosophy in which beauty, the body's health and cosmetics are understood as a single ingredient. Thus, she aims to place equal importance on the care of the body from both the inside and outside. To that end, and in response to the need to provide an effective and complete solution for skin care, Unique was born.