Both the Pink Latte Collagen and the Green Latte Collagen are prepared in the same way, the only difference is that we will use UNIQUE Pink Collagen or UNIQUE Green Collagen, respectively, depending on the desired Latte.

  1. Dilute two scoops of UNIQUE Pink or UNIQUE Green (depending on the desired Latte) in a little warm water, just enough to dissolve about 60 ml (this step can be skipped and diluted directly with the milk or drink).
  2. Add about 150ml of cow's milk, or vegetable milk (soy, almonds, rice, etc.), with or without lactose to taste. We must heat the milk until it is warm (not very hot) It should not be very hot.
  3. Move everything smoothly.
  4. With a shaker, beat the rest of the milk that has remained in the form of foam.
  5. Put it on top with care not to get off
  6. Sprinkle PINK with cinnamon and sprinkle GREEN with Ginger