This smoothie will be much greener since, in addition to UNIQUE Green Collagen, we will add specific vegetables to set aside an additional detox effect.

In a shaker:

  1. Add a bunch of spinach, which gives us more insoluble fiber content, as well as carotenes.
  2. The juice of half a lemon, which will improve the detox effect and improves the pH of the shake
  3. 200 ml coconut water, as the base of the smoothie, in addition, the coconut provides minerals
  4. A small green apple, which will provide inulin, fiber and vitamin C
  5. One or two slices of cucumber, as it is very detox
  6. Two teaspoons of UNIQUE Green Collagen

Mix everything until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, refresh with two or three ice cubes and remove them before drinking.

It can be the ideal smoothie for after exercising and since it will rehydrate us and provide electrolytes.