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Triple regenerating, firming and moisturizing action.

What is it and why is it key in any beauty treatment?

The serum, also called a cosmetic concentrate, contains several active ingredients in liquid form, which the skin can absorb at a faster rate than with any other facial cream or lotion. Its light, less dense texture penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin with just a small daily dose, providing a complete revitalising experience. Cosmetic concentrate is a beauty product format that is often used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with another cosmetic, whether it is a moisturiser or a food supplement such as Unique Pink Collagen.

The serum works in a very specific way. In addition to correcting wrinkles and blemishes and reducing sagging skin, the cosmetic concentrate has a very effective lifting effect, especially in the 25-30 year old age group. This is when the first signs of sagging and reduced elasticity start to show.

It should be noted that this type of beauty treatment does not target the superficial layers of the skin, but rather the hypodermis and dermis, the two deepest layers. Thus, thanks to the high concentration of anti-ageing active ingredients, the serum is extremely powerful on localised areas of the body, especially the face, neck and neckline, working from the inside out.

The various applications of the serum for your skincare routine

Knowing what the facial serum is for is one of the most common questions among people who decide to start a beauty treatment. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to apply serums, so not only do they target the deeper layers of the skin, correcting imperfections and providing more hydration, but many other benefits can be achieved through specific daily use.

For example, the cosmetic concentrate can be used as a post-skin cleansing supplement after cleaning the skin with an exfoliating cream or soap.

As part of the treatment, it is also a good idea to apply a few drops of serum, preferably Unique White Serum together with a facial toner that refreshes and moisturises the different layers of the skin. Applying the product once or twice a day, either in the morning or in the evening, will result in softer, smoother and brighter skin. An example of a routine that, in just a few days, will lead to dramatic changes in your skin.

The best facial serum exists and it's called Unique White Serum.

It would be very easy for us to name just one reason, but that doesn't seem fair. Which is why we want to give you each and every one of the reasons why Unique White Serum will be your new ally in your anti-ageing beauty treatment. The first has to do with the innovative packaging format, which lets you apply the serum in drops or as a spray. All you need to do is attach the nozzle and press. Easier and more convenient? Impossible!

White Serum is also a real radiance booster, making it ideal for dull skin. Its formula works from the inside out, stimulating collagen production and keeping both effects active for a long time. Like most serums, Unique's serum contains a powerful firming and wrinkle-correcting treatment that leaves your skin soft, smooth and noticeably younger and brighter.


Another of the serum's most outstanding properties is undoubtedly its hydrating and protective power. This is thanks to two key ingredients in the Unique White Serum formula: the Edelweiss flower and the Ginko Biloba plant. Both are some of the Andorran brand's best-kept secrets. Its unprecedented combination in a single beauty product has led to White Serum being considered the most complete cosmetic concentrate for skin care.

Edelweiss flower, known as the "snow flower".

It is a potent source of leontopodic acid, chlorogenic acid, phenolic acid, luteolin, apigenin, among other components. Together, they have a surprisingly high antioxidant and protective effect against free radicals and reactive oxygen, as well as preventing the onset of skin infections.

Rediscover the serum and its incredible effectiveness for daily skin care with Unique and its cosmetic concentrate, Unique White Serum

The Ginko Biloba plant is another of White Serum's key ingredients. Thanks to its high content of flavonoids and terpenes that help to boost capillary blood circulation, the active ingredient rapidly reduces any signs of inflammation and redness in the skin. The vegetable also contributes to the regeneration of cells in the different layers of the skin.